Eligibility Criteria

Limerick Local Enterprise Office provides a range of financial supports designed to assist with the establishment and/or growth of businesses employing up to ten people. These financial supports are designed to provide a flexible suite of supports to LEO clients and potential clients.

The general conditions for grant support from  the Limerick Local Enterprise Office are as follows:

  • The sector of the economy in which an enterprise is operating or intends to operate

  • The size or proposed size of the enterprise

  • Any expenditure incurred, prior to receipt by applicant of the letter of offer from the LEO, will not be eligible for grant support.

    LEOs can assist in the establishment, and/or development, of new and existing enterprises from individuals/sole traders, companies and community groups subject to the following eligibility criteria:

  • The enterprise must be in the commercial sphere

  • The enterprise must demonstrate a market for the product/service

  • The enterprise must have a capacity for growth and new job creation

  • The enterprise must not employ more than 10 people.