InterTrade Ireland E-merge Programme

InterTradeIreland has been offering COVID supports to SME’s in Ireland who either currently trade, or have the potential to trade with Northern Ireland.

The E-Merge programme can offer consultancy worth €2,800 to help businesses develop online marketing, digital sales and e-commerce solutions; match funding is not required. InterTradeIreland are coming very close to reaching the current target of businesses supported under E-Merge, they would like to invite you to apply for this e-commerce/ online sales and marketing support.

InterTradeIreland are acutely aware of the many unprecedented challenges that businesses have been facing over this last year as a result of COVID. The E-Merge programme is one of InterTradeIreland’s COVID supports which has now assisted over 750 businesses to date. The feedback from these businesses has been outstanding, with many of them able to report significant and immediate wins as a direct result of their E-Merge project.

When considering the question: Does my business need to update its online presence, improve its social media, sell products/services or market itself more professionally online?  

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you may qualify to apply for the support below:


£2500/€2800 consultancy support & advice to help your business develop online sales & e-commerce solutions including:

  • E-Marketing- How to promote and sell online
  • Associated website updates/ design
  • Promotion through social media
  • SEO optimisation
  • Identification of sectoral e-markets
  • Advice on online payment systems/ retail/ billing/ security

There is no cost/ match funding required by your business for this support, and the application process is both simple and quick.

(Please note if you are currently availing of Covid-19 supports from other bodies we will ask that you demonstrate the supports requested via this funding is for a different purpose to that which you are already in receipt of.)

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