Facebook for Beginners

Croom Enterprise Centre
Social Media

A beginners level course in Facebook for business Trainer: Mobile IT

This event is no longer available

Course Content

  • What is Facebook? 
  • Who uses Facebook? 
  • How can Facebook benefit a business? 
  • Understanding the Facebook environment 
  • Signing up for a Facebook account 
  • Defining your profile 
  • Editing your profile 
  • Using pictures on your Facebook profile 
  • Facebook Messaging  Facebook Links 
  • The Architecture of a Facebook Page 
  • Driving traffic to your webpage 
  • Building Brand Awareness 
  • Content Creation for Facebook 
  • Understanding Facebook Advertising 
  • Developing a Facebook Marketing Plan 
  • Facebook Groups 
  • Using Facebook Insights 
  • Building and engaging fans
  • Introduction to the Facebook Pages smart phone App

Practical Assignment: The participants are required to set up an account on Facebook and become familiar with the tools and architecture of the site. They will also start promoting their business page through their own network and groups found on Facebook.

*Please bring your own laptop, tablets wil not be suitable for exercises*