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Case Studies

Let us spray: how Suip created a winning product

As Pius McCloat waited for his daughter to load her bags into his car for the journey to Ireland West Airport, he couldn’t but help notice his ageing neighbour working hard to spray weed killer

A crafty hobby that brought business success

Caron Laffey had loved crafts ever since she first learned to knit and sew when she was a little girl. So, a career in this area seemed like a natural progression for Caron who now owns the Crafter’s Basket in Cliffoney

How LEO Sligo supports helped ENGdoc forge ahead

In his home office, a converted bedroom, David Mullen worked day and night to get his first contract over the line.

How LEO Sligo supports helped Quickcrop sow the seeds of growth

Niall McAllister and Andrew Davidson are passionate about growing things – so it’s hardly surprising that through careful cultivation they’ve grown their Sligo-based online garden supplies company into a multi-million-euro business.