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Ireland West International Trade Centre

Would you like to do business in the US?

The ‘Ireland West International Trade Centre’ is a collaborative partnership developing a soft landing platform in the US for companies, businesses and entrepreneurs based in the West and North West of Ireland. Our strategy is to assist indigenous companies explore export opportunities in the US.

Our objective with our partners in Rhode Island is to provide a cost-effective client based service to identified companies in the region. Supporting our companies with direct support, networking and connectivity with US based Diaspora.

With a population of over 300 million - which is expected to rise to 336 million by 2020 - America is the largest developed market place in the world. The US has the largest and most technologically powerful economy, with a per capita GDP of $46,900.

A local platform

Providing a programme, structure and office space for you and your company to test new markets. The project is being managed by the Local Authorities in the West of Ireland, Western Development Commission and Ireland West Airport Knock.

Are you?

  • Small business in the west of Ireland?
  • Is your product or service exportable?
  • Are you ready to test it?
  • Can you fund it?
  • Considering growing your company?
  • Full of potential?
  • Do you have capacity?

The facility

  • Showroom space
  • Flexible working environment
  • with hot desking and printing services
  • Networking with business in the New
  • England & New York regions

The opportunity

  • The benefits of having an office in the US are many;
  • Ready access to networking events.
  • Participation on structured programme supporting your business
  • Access to premium office spaces.
  • A location in the central business district which will help with your
  • introduction to new potential business partners.
  • US based teams on hand to offer recommendations and advice



  • Small companies considering exporting for 1st time
  • 10-15 Clients selected per programme
  • Training Programme Delivered regionally
  • Completion of US Export Programme
  • Market entry strategy completed
  • Financial and professional support provided
  • US Programme Site Visit – April / May 2016


  • Companies who have tested exporting capability
  • 10-15 Clients selected per programme
  • Training programme offered
  • Utilise our network and local team support
  • Full use of facility
  • Office
  • Exhibition Space
  • Conference facilities
  • Use of business address


  • Platform for all Irish exporters to colocate
  • Drop in office use
  • Support current exporters with office on east coast of US.
  • Utilise our network and local team support
  • Supporting collaborative work efforts through the shared working
  • environment
  • Networking and introductions

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