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Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme

Age Friendly Business Recognition ProgrammeAge Friendly


Age-Friendly Business is an approach to doing business that recognises and addresses the market opportunity afforded by a society where more people are living healthier for longer.

Why a Business should have an Age Friendly Approach

  • Older people own 75% of the wealth in the EU and account for 50% of consumer spending
  • Older customers (65+) in Ireland have a revenue-declared annual income of over €6.5 billion
  • Older consumers will double in number in the next 30 years, and those over 80 will quadruple
  • Older people are loyal customers and outspend younger shoppers
  • Older customers not only spend locally and have a lot of purchasing power, but also have the time to shop
  • 50% of all toys are bought by grandparents
  • Over 50’s take on average almost three trips a year in Ireland, staying three nights away
  • According to the 2011 census figures for Sligo 13% of the population are aged 65 years and over

Ideas to make your business age friendly

Examples of low-cost and no cost ways you can make your business age-friendly and attract this powerful and growing segment of the population

  • Offer products and/or services that are appropriate for older adults, e.g. single portions
  • Make discounts or special offers available for older adults when possible
  • Offer assistance with shopping, and or drop off/delivery services
  • Provide respectful human contact, in person and on the phone
  • Place products on shelves which are accessible or readily offer assistance to reach items
  • Use large, clear fonts for signage, printed materials and websites
  • Moderate excessively loud music and noise
  • Speak clearly in low tones and repeat yourself if necessary

For further information contact:

Dolores McDonagh

Sligo Age Friendly Co-ordinator

Sligo County Council

City Hall

Quay Street