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Eligibility Criteria for Feasibility, Priming & Business Expansion Grants

LEOs can assist in the establishment and/or development of new and existing enterprises (limited company, individuals/sole trader, cooperatives and partnerships) provided that such enterprises/projects are capable of attaining commercial viability and subject to the following eligibility criteria:

An enterprise seeking grant-aid:

  • must not employ more than ten people, including the promoter - (i.e. if there are ten people employed full time in the enterprise, it is eligible for grant support. The headcount is verified as per the data in the last set of published accounts );
  • must be established, registered, and operate within the geographic location of the LEO;
  • must operate commercially;
  • must demonstrate a market for the product/service;
  • must have potential for growth in domestic and/or export markets and also potential for new job creation;
  • can be a manufacturing or internationally-traded services business;
  • can be a domestically-traded business with the potential to trade internationally; and
  • must be a business which, on growth, may or may not fit the Enterprise Ireland portfolio.

The eligibility criteria listed above are subject to certain priorities and restrictions:

  • Priority must be given to enterprises in the manufacturing or internationally-traded services sectors which, over time, can develop into strong export entities and graduate to the Enterprise Ireland portfolio.
  • Salary support may be offered to unique tourism services projects that are focused predominantly on generating revenues from overseas visitors and which do not give rise to deadweight and/or displacement in the local economy.

Examples of Ineligible projects include:

  • Retail enterprises (including restaurants, cafes, mobile food outlets etc) wholesale enterprises, personal services (including gardeners, hairdressers, beauticians, creches etc).
  • Projects in the local service sector which give rise to deadweight and displacement of other businesses.
  • Mainstream professional services (including accountants, solicitors, auctioneers and any other consultancies).
  • The trades and construction.
  • Accommodation type projects.
  • Projects which involve primary agricultural production.
  • Alternative healthcare practices.
  • Once off projects (e.g. events, conferences and seminars or projects carried out in the normal course of business).
  • Projects which are contrary to public policy.
  • Companies which already have a relationship with Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, SFADCo or Udaras na Gaeltachta.
  • Companies in the Manufacturing or internationally traded services area whose present or potential employment exceeds 10 persons.