Business Website Review Clinics

Meeting Room 3, Floor 1, City Hall, Quay St., Sligo
July 19th & 20th. The duration of each 1-1 Clinic is 1 hour. Clinic dates/times will be assigned by LEO Sligo after you book.
Business Training

Wondering if your existing Business Website is working hard enough for you? Why not have it reviewed by a specialist, before getting their findings explained & a list of practical improvements given to you in a one hour 1-1 session!

This event is no longer available

Business Website Review Clinics

  • These Clinics represent an opportunity to ensure that your business website is performing at an optimum level. Prior to the Clinic taking place, participants will be contacted by telephone by the Trainer where she will establish your specific objectives, requirements & concerns regarding your existing web presence
  • A comprehensive review of each participant's website will then take place, taking the participant's requirements into account, while also assessing both the technical and design elements of the site under a series of critical headings
  • The participant then receives a 1-1 Clinic with the Trainer to discuss the findings, allow the participant to ask relevant questions & seek appropriate advice on specific review areas
  • The participant is then provided with a written assessment of their website, including an 'action list' of recommended improvements which should be carried out by the participant at minimum cost within the context of their existing website