Content Marketing & Planning for Social Media

Council Chamber, Floor 1, City Hall, Quay St., Sligo
March 7th
Enterprise Week

Using Social Media to market your products? Learn how to create a detailed, targeted content calendar to make your Social Media marketing better!

This event is no longer available

Content Marketing & Planning for Social Media

Is your marketing of your products/services via Social Media a bit haphazard? Do you often struggle to find time to post, or wonder what you should be doing? This insightful workshop aims to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of how to make your Social Media strategy more effective through planning and marketing your content.

There is more to Social Media than simply understanding how to use the relevant Social Media platforms. This one-day Workshops aims to teach you:

  • What 'content marketing' is
  • How to analyse and profile your customers
  • How to create 'customer persona's'
  • The benefits of having a 'campaign conversion funnel'
  • How to create content for each stage of the conversion funnel
  • How to create a detailed, working 'content calendar' to plan your Social Media marketing for the year ahead