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Project Management for small business

29.09, 30.09, 03.10, 04.10 & 10.10
Business Training is a minimalist, practical project management system that is used in many different types of projects all over the world. This course is ran over 5 days and you will receive a certificate once completed.

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Many companies train their employees in PRINCE2, Agile or PMP, as these are the most well- known certifications, which are then added to their CV's and Linkedin accounts. The next important point is that these candidates apply project management in practice.

Project management is learned by doing it. Therefore, some project management training must be hands-on so that participants can learn project management techniques and put them into practice.

Phase 1:  Practical Training activities 

  • Introduction to Project Scenario introduced by trainer
  • Appoint Sponsor and Project Manager
  • Create Project Charter (Project Summary) - Why, What, etc…
  • Project Breakdown exercises

Phase 2:  Practical Training activities 

  • Project Breakdown for scenario project
  • Project Schedule (high level) 
  • Requirements: Write requirements 
  • Requirements: Add quality criteria (definition of done)
  • Communication Plan 

Phase 3:  Practical Training activities 

  • Business Case
  • Reporting to a PMO
    • Weekly Status Reporting, project radiator
    • Project Accounting (Budget, Risks,.. )
  • Risks documentation
  • Plan first cycle 
  • Deal with issue and issues

 Phase 4:  Practical Training activities 

  • Repeat Phase 1, 2 & 3 for a local project (related to current work)
  • All training steps will be support by PM trainer 
  • Training output:  Documented project

Outcome of Practical training  

We expect learners to be able to implement in their projects after the workshop; i.e., run their projects with a simple, structured project management method, which ultimately helps them achieve better results.

In other words, it's not about communicating some information that can contribute to implementation of a structured method in the future, but giving them the immediate capability. What they would implement will not be perfect (and doesn't have to be) after a single workshop, but it will be a lot better than ad hoc project management.  


  • P3P ( Practitioner)  
  • Online exam taken with CertN.Global