A unique International Women’s Day celebration

It’s International Women’s Day this Thursday (March 8th) and in Waterford, we have a unique event planned to celebrate the significant date.

At City Hall in Waterford host on the day Dee Hutchinson will open the day of celebration with a workshop titled, ‘It’s All About YOU’.

If you don't already know of Dee, she is the dynamic CEO of Catalyst International, a learning and development company. Dee has worked in over 15 countries holding senior level Customer Care and Learning and Development roles for companies like Vodafone, Digicel, Accenture, Deloitte Consulting and Virgin Mobile.  She has been the recipient of over 30 industry awards! Dee now specialises in the design of bespoke online coaching and transformation programs targets at female entrepreneurs.

We had a chat with her ahead of Thursday’s event and she told us what will make the day particularly unique. “I think the whole topic of women in-particular leveraging their natural gifts and talents isn’t generally focused on, probably because we are told ‘how we are meant to be at work’, and how to ‘fit in around others’ and doing ‘what is expected of us’. But actually, the most successful career women and entrepreneurs work on leveraging what they do naturally and what they are passionate about.

So this event is an opportunity for all attendees to identify what their natural skills are and to learn how to use those as a competitive edge. This is something, which is of unique of interest to women, and it is a topic, which is not discussed at any meaningful length so that women can have practical ways of applying it.

Thursday’s workshop will be a very practical hands-on workshop so that everyone in attendance will be able to use the skills immediately and apply them to their work.”


Dee says that attendees at the event will be able to take away a number of practical skills from Thursday’s event. “Everyone will be able to take away a number of insights from Thursday. Attendees will gain an insight to what motivates and drives their careers and businesses, which they may not already know.

They will identify their own values around what is important to them and why these values are important to them will also be highlighted. We will also focus on finding everyone’s strengths and passions and we will look at what may be holding people back from applying their own uniqueness or difference in a work context, and see if they are holding back or playing small in any way.

And based on all of this learning we will see how each person can leverage their own competitive advantage and turn this into a sales pitch.

Dee says that many entrepreneurs that she coaches have a hard time articulating what their own businesses do and what they do. She says that on Thursday, “Following all of the workshop exercises we will design a new sales pitch for each person based on their own unique set of skills.”

Businesswomen and entrpreneurs Catherine Keighery from Redlane.ie, Tracy Quinlan of Morgan McKinley and Kamila Bystrzonowska of MoMo Restaurant will also take to the stage on the day sharing their inspirational stories and insights.

Registration opens at City Hall at 8.30am for a 9 am kick off on Thuraday, March 8th. The event will conclude at 1.30pm. Tickets are €15 per person and all places must be booked in advance here

Waterford Local Enterprise Office is hosting this event in conjunction with Waterford Chamber, Waterford Micro Business Network, Waterford Chamber Skillnet and Network Ireland, Waterford.