Mentoring Assistance

As part of this service Waterford Local Enterprise Office will hire an experienced business specialist to match up their knowledge, skills and insights with a small business owner/manager who needs practical and strategic one-to-one guidance. Mentor assignments typically include general management, financial structuring, human resources legislation, marketing and strategic planning. All applications for Mentor assistance are dealt with on an individual basis and are preceded by a business assessment to ensure that your business is getting the right advice.

Businesses that are applying for repeat or long term mentoring may be asked for a set of management accounts so that we can recommend the right balance of mentors and ensure that your business is getting the best out of our mentoring programme.

This programme is developed by Waterford Local Enterprise Office to promote better entrepreneurial practice and performance among owner/managers. There are far fewer criteria restrictions than on Direct Financial Assistance grants, applicants must:

  1. Have less than 10 employees but may be in any general area of business e.g. manufacturing, retail, locally traded services (where growth potential exists), retail, food, tourism etc.
  2. Prove that the business is viable, that the market is large enough for another entrant and that the grant aid will not create an uncompetitive advantage.
  3. That the programme is going to be of benefit to the business.

To apply for Mentoring Assistance please contact the us at 0761 10 2905 or call into our offices at 35 The Mall, Waterford or Civic Offices, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Remember to be very clear about what kind of mentoring that you need and you can apply to deal with a number of mentors to assist with a range of problems in your business.