Evaluation and Approvals Committee

Local Enterprise Office Waterford's Evaluation and Approvals Committee consists of:

  • Mr. Michael Quinn – (Chairperson)Director of Services, Waterford City & County Council
  • Mr. Brian Fives – Development Officer, Enterprise Ireland
  • Mr. Alan Ryan – Business Representative
  • Ms. Sandra Whelan – Business Representative
  • Mr. Aidan Shine – Business Representative
  • Ms. Mags Boland Murphy – Business Representative
  • Mr. Ciaran Geoghegan – Business Representative


The membership of the Evaluation and Approvals committee brings together a wealth of experience across a diversity of areas of business expertise.

All projects being considered for financial support will be evaluated by the Evaluation and Approvals Committee and all projects under €50,000 may be approved by this Committee in line  with national enterprise policy. 

All projects applying for financial support through the LEO are evaluated by the Evaluation and Approvals Committee and are approved in line with enterprise policy. Final approval from the Enterprise Ireland's Investment Fund Committee is required from all proposals.


Applicants applying for funding must not canvass any member with or without inducements. Canvassing consists of any approach or representation, direct or indirect, on one's own behalf or on behalf of another, which is intended, or can reasonably be perceived as intended, to secure advantage or preferment. Members will note and report any such approach to them to the Chairperson.