Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters'

What is Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters'?

Are you in business and seeking to develop overseas markets? If the answer is yes then the Local Enterprise Office Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters' Initiative may be of assistance to your business. Exporting your goods or services is a great way to increase business success and sales profit, but requires a lot of preparation and market awareness.

As a business that exports, you will need to ensure that you have carried out a detailed market research analysis on your chosen country to export to in order to establish that your business and your staff can handle the added complexity of foreign market selling. The grant is flexible enough that you can apply to investigate a number of markets or attend a number of trade shows in one year.

The initiative can part-fund the cost of:

  • Attending trade shows in foreign markets
  • Taking sales/ research trips to foreign markets
  • Participating at trade fairs and shows in a foreign market
  • Participation at international trade networking events organised through the Enterprise Europe Network
  • Development of specific Marketing Materials aimed at exploring new export markets
  • Translation, e.g. of existing material (booklets, webpages, etc for export markets)
  • Development of export related websites
  • Investigation of new internal or external processes to develop export business, e.g. new business model or the carrying out of non- regulatory technical requirements

TAfME Grant Application Form