Taste Waterford

Taste the food, meet the people hear the Waterford Food Stories. See the incredible events we have for you here in Waterford.

Taste Waterford is the county’s food brand, giving the public an exciting opportunity to experience authentic Waterford cuisine right in the environment and communities from which their meal’s delectable ingredients were sourced. “Experience the food, meet the people and hear our stories.”

Through this new producer led, county-wide initiative, Waterford’s artisan food producers have joined to form an assembly of artisans, nominating local restaurants & retailers which are in turn encouraged to serve up signature dishes that not only use ingredients from the length and breadth of the county, but also really serve up a sense of what Waterford is all about.   This is about Food, grown, sourced, prepared and served “Our Way, the Waterford Way”.

From the outset the Food trail was made open to all food producers, food retail, Hospitality and Farmers Markets in County Waterford, subject to meeting certain criteria for membership. To find out more about how to become a member, check their website.