Grant Claim Procedure

Capital, Employment and Feasibility Study Grants

In order to facilitate a smooth drawdown of your grant claim, Local Enterprise Office Westmeath require that the promoter returns the relevant claim form with the relevant documentation.

The grant drawdown procedure and appropriate supporting documentation will be explained to the promoter initially at the application stage and again at the contract signing stage.  Successful applicants have 3 months to draw down their capital grants, 12 months to draw down their employment grants and 6 months to draw down their feasibility study grant.

As the claim procedure may prove to be an onerous exercise, we encourage the successful applicant to liaise with the Enterprise Officer as often as necessary for assistance with the grant claim.

No grant claim can be certified for payment until the Enterprise Officer and Head of LEO have all the necessary documentation. If the claim is not submitted in full before the final drawdown date (with all supporting documentation), the grant may be decommitted, either in part or in full.


In order to draw down a Priming Grant or Business Expansion Grant — Grantees should supply the following materials to Local Enterprise Office Westmeath:

All Grant Claims:

  • Grant Claim form RS9.8 completed (all relevant sections), signed and dated by Grantee.
  • The claim form should then be certified by an Accountant if you are a Sole Trader or an Auditor if you are Limited Company.
  • A current tax clearance certificate.
  • Evidence that the business is registered with the Revenue.
  • Copies of licenses relevant to the business if applicable for example food businesses require approval from the HSE.
  • Adherence to Grant Contract — Special Conditions if relevant.

If you are making a claim for CAPITAL EXPENDITURE:

  • Evidence of Expenditure — proof invoices for machinery/equipment purchased are paid i.e. copies of bank statements showing purchases  and receipts for equipment.
  • Copy of insurance and evidence that grant aided assets are insured with the interest of Westmeath Local Enterprise Office, Enterprise Ireland CCU and the Enterprise, Trade and Innovation noted on the policy.
  • Sub—Contractors - Certificate (C2) or Tax Clearance Certificate (where €2,600 has been paid in 12months).
  • Original invoices
  • A written progress report on your business

Ensure for contracts under €5,000. -  At least one verbal quote has been obtained (note on file) - Ensure for contracts between €5,000 - €50,000 A minimum of three written quotes is been sought.  That tenders have been evaluated objectively against specified requirements using a scoring sheet (score sheet enclosed)

Fire Certificates/Local Authority Certificates

Inspection, before your grant claim can be processed a representative of Westmeath LEO will inspect all grant aided equipment.

In the case of second hand equipment, you will need the following additional information:

A declaration by the seller of the equipment confirming its exact origin and that the equipment has not already been the subject of national or European Community assistance.

A letter informing LEO that the second hand equipment purchase is necessary (example no new equipment was available on time; there is a significant cost advantage for your in purchasing the equipment and that the equipment is suitable for your business needs)

If you are making a claim for SALARY EXPENDITURE:

  • Details of Registration of Staff with Revenue (PPS Numbers) — copy of PPS card
  • P30 returns for employees (Payroll sheets for 2nd drawdown only)
  • Copy of signed Contract of Employment in respect of granted aided employee
  • Copy of Employers Liability Insurance
  • In the case of second drawdown – a copy of Tax Deduction card ( p30s) completed for six months
  • Relevant proof of continuous payroll

If applicable – Evidence date employee has signed off social welfare / evidence of date of approval for SW Employment Support Scheme

In the case of Self Employed Applicants Accounts Cert – stating the promoter is full time employed; date of commencement of employment; details of tax Registration / Company Registration.

A written progress report on your business

Marketing Claims – in the case of brochure assistance being claimed – copy of materials for file.

Consultancy Claims - in the case of consultancy being claimed – copy of reports etc on file.

General Notes

It should be noted, Grants are not retrospective – grant aided staff members should only be taken on after the date of grant approval by Westmeath Local Enterprise Office can be claimed.

Grant claims can only be processed if the Grantee has completed the Contract offered by Local Enterprise Office Westmeath.  Only completed grant claim can be processed