About our Mentor Programme

Local Enterprise Office Westmeath has formed a panel of experienced Business Mentors that are available to meet with business owners to advise them on particular issues in their business. Issues that we provide mentors on include business planning, human resource and employment legislation issues, financial matters, taxation, marketing, procurement, operations management and intellectual property rights. Specialist advisors are also available for the craft, food, engineering, manufacturing and retail sectors.

We endeavour to match a Mentor to a particular client with the key objective that the Mentor will provide advice and information, assist the business in identifying areas for improvement, devise action plans and offer guidance in implementing these plans.

A Mentors primary role is to listen, offer advice and provide guidance. As each business is unique and has its own individual requirements, a mentor identifies the specific needs of their client and customises the advice to the particular business.

How to Apply?

Step 1 - Contact the Local Enterprise Office to discuss your exact requirements. You may be required to attend a meeting with the Business Advisor to assess your needs before your proceed to the next stage of application.

Step 2 - Fill out and submit the Mentoring Application Form which can be downloaded here

Step 3 - Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you can pay the €70 fee. (Fee currently waived)

  • Your application with then be assessed and an appropriate mentor will be assigned to you.
  • Your contact details will be forwarded to one of our approved mentors who will make contact with you.
  • On completion of the mentoring visits, you will be asked to complete a brief evaluation
  • A hardcopy of the application form can be downloaded here.
  • There is a wealth of experience and expertise in our business community and it is our hope to assist your business in benefiting from that experience.
  • A standard mentoring assignment is three sessions (3 x 3 hours). The fee for this standard assignment is €70. (Fee currently waived)

Terms & Conditions

  • The Local Enterprise Office is committed to its transparency obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data protection notice, for personal data that is supplied to us by our clients is available at . This notice contains important information about how we process personal data that is supplied to us by clients. We request that you read the notice carefully and that you ensure that it is made available to any data subjects (e.g. your employees) whose personal data you provide to us. By accepting our Terms and Conditions you confirm that: (a) you have complied with your own data protection obligations in respect of the personal data that you supply to us and that you are entitled to disclose such personal data to us; and (b) you will ensure that a copy of our data protection notice (is sent to data subjects (e.g. your employees) whose personal data you provide to us.

  • If your booking is accepted you will be issued with a confirmation note and receipt by email with a unique reference number, please check this confirmation note and contact the Enterprise Office should any details appear to be incorrect or you are booking on an incorrect course.
  • We may take pictures and/or make video and audio recordings at our events and training, in which you may be featured.  By attending the event, you give the organisers the right to use such material for non-commercial purposes, including the posting of photos and/or videos on our website(s).

  • Payment of the full fee is required to secure your booking on the programme. 

  • With regards to Mentoring, you must have your application approved by a member of LEO staff before paying the €70 fee and all three sessions of mentoring must be completed within 4 months of payment date. Any sessions outstanding after this deadline will be forfeited and the mentoring assignment will be closed.
  • You must have a registered business in Westmeath to be eligible to attend our training programmes, with the exception of the Start Your Own Business courses.

Cancellations Policy

In the event that a course or event is cancelled for any reason, participants will be notified prior to the commencement of the course and a full refund will be issued.

All cancellation requests should be made to our office. The following conditions apply to course cancellations:

  • 100% return of course fee if sufficient notice from the participant (i.e. not less than 10 working days.)
  • No refund if the participant does not notify us in writing at least 10 working days prior to the commencement of the course.
  • If you are unable to attend the course, you may transfer the course fee paid against the cost of another course as long as you give sufficient notice (not less than 10 working days).

In the event that you book a place and subsequently do not cancel your booking within ten working days of the commencement of the course and do not take up the place no refund or fee transfer will be offered. 

  • Failure to give us adequate notice of cancelling or not showing up for your one to one appointment will result in a fee of €50 being invoiced to you. This is a direct result of people booking clinics and not showing up for their allocated time on a continuous basis.