Confidentiality Statement

Local Enterprise Office Westmeath undertakes to treat as confidential any information provided to it in confidence by companies and by individuals, subject to obligations under law, including the Freedom of Information Acts 1997 and 2003.  Local Enterprise Office Westmeath will consult with clients before making any decision on any Freedom of Information request received involving sensitive information, which may have been supplied. 

Confidential information provided by a client to the Local Enterprise Office Westmeath may be accessed by Staff and Evaluation Committee Members in the normal course of conducting the business of the Local Enterprise Office Westmeath e.g. processing applications for funding.

The Staff and Evaluation Committee Members of Local Enterprise Office Westmeath have an absolute duty of confidentiality, and except as required by law,  must not disclose any confidential information to third parties.  Confidential information includes commercially sensitive information, information received in confidence and personal information.  This practice applies both during and after employment (as a Staff member) or during and after term of office (as an Evaluation Committee member) at Local Enterprise Office Westmeath.


The Local Enterprise Office is committed to its transparency obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data protection notice, for personal data that is supplied to us by our clients is available at . This notice contains important information about how we process personal data that is supplied to us by clients. We request that you read the notice carefully and that you ensure that it is made available to any data subjects (e.g. your employees) whose personal data you provide to us.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions you confirm that: (a) you have complied with your own data protection obligations in respect of the personal data that you supply to us and that you are entitled to disclose such personal data to us; and (b) you will ensure that a copy of our data protection notice (is sent to data subjects (e.g. your employees) whose personal data you provide to us.