The Application Process

The Local Enterprise Office can offer direct support to small enterprises through the provision of financial assistance subject to the business meeting certain eligibility criteria.

The first step in any financial assistance application is to speak to a representative of the Local Enterprise Office, please contact Tracey Tallon on 044 9338947 to seek advice on the eligibility of your project.


Priority for grant aid will be given to:

  • Projects in manufacturing or internationally traded services which over time can develop into strong export entities and graduate to the Enterprise Ireland Portfolio;
  • Unique Tourism services projects aimed predominantly at overseas visitors; Please not Salary Support Only
  • Projects in the area of retail, wholesale, distribution, professional services and personal services are not eligible to apply for priming grants or business expansion grants.

If you are interested in applying for financial grant aid, please contact Tracey Tallon at Local Enterprise Office Westmeath on 044 9338947 prior to completing any application forms.

To be eligible for financial assistance a project must meet the following requirements:

  • Located, operational and registered within Westmeath geographical area
  • The proposed employment level must not exceed 10 people
  • The project must be capable of achieving commercial viability without continuing EU and State support
  • Add value to a product, process or service so as to generate or supplement the income of those involved
  • Demonstrate that there is adequate market potential for the business 
  • Not be in receipt of substantial funding from any other state agency or programme
  • Comply with existing policies on tax and certification matters
  • Does not display deadweight
  • Ability of the promoters to carry out the project

Please contact an Enterprise Officer prior to submitting a grant application to discuss if your project is eligible for assistance.

Completed applications for priming or business expansion grant assistance include:

  • a business plan
  • cash flow
  • historical accounts
  • quotations (three quotes for items greater than €5,000 are required)
  • Details of the competition
  • Proof of investment/match funding must be received to make your application complete.
  • Lease or details of the location of the business and details of planning permission for the location.
  • Any licenses required
  • Tax Clearance

 Completed applications for feasibility assistance should include:

  • A proposal of the work to be carried out and details of any work carried out to date
  • Quotations (three quotes for items greater than €5,000 are required)
  • Profiles of those to carry out the work
  • Proof of investment/match funding
  • If you are an existing business, your most submit a recent set of accounts
  • Tax Clearance if possible

(Please note that any costs incurred prior to official application are not eligible for assistance)