Expand Your Business Into Northern Ireland


Expand your business into Northern Ireland

InterTradeIreland helps small businesses explore new cross-border markets, develop new products, processes and services and become investor ready.  We provide practical cross-border business funding, business intelligence and meaningful contacts to SMEs across the island, North and South, looking to grow their businesses.

To date over 31,000 small businesses have been supported by InterTradeIreland to identify and develop all-island trade and innovation opportunities. InterTradeIreland helps small businesses capitalise on the extraordinary possibilities that exist right here on the island of Ireland, where cross-border trade exceeds £2bn/ €2.8bn annually.

A number of excellent supports and programmes are in place to assist businesses :

So if your focus is sales growth, innovation, tendering skills, raising venture capital, securing growth funding or improving business intelligence, a good place to start is InterTradeIreland.

Discover What’s Possible.

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