eSPSV Business Loan

eSPSV Business Loan is available to support small business owners with a Small Public Service Vehicle (SPSV) that are unable to secure finance from Banks and Asset Finance providers and are availing of the government’s eSPSV Grant Scheme to replace their vehicle with a more sustainable model (electric/hybrid).

These business loans may only be used by SPSV registered owner(s) for the purchase/replacement of their vehicles that have already been approved grant funding under the eSPSV Grant Scheme 2021 administered by the National Transport Authority and are unable to secure finance from Banks and other commercial lending providers.

Product Features

  • Business Loans* from €5,000 to €25,000 loan terms may be up to 5 years.
  • No fees or charges
  • Fixed repayments with no penalty for early repayment
  • Lending is unsecured**


* Funding availability to support the eSPSV Grant Scheme may be limited.

** Letter of Indemnity required for Limited Companies


  • Any  business (Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company) with less than 10 employees and annual turnover of up to €2m
  • Has been approved eSPSV grant to purchase electric/hybrid vehicle and grant funds have been lodged to Bank Account in Applicant’s name
  • Unable to secure finance from their Bank and also have a formal decline letter from an asset finance provider


Terms & Conditions

SPSV owners who wish to apply for the eSPSV Loan must provide the following with their application: 

  • Written confirmation that

(a) the Grant has been formally approved and

(b) evidence that the approved grant has been lodged into a business bank account, in the applicant’s name*.

  • Certified true copy of valid SPSV Licence
  • Certified true copy of Vehicle Registration Certificate (Car owner only)
  • Certified true copy of Comprehensive Car/Taxi Insurance, in the owner’s/applicant’s own name, to operate as a SPSV Driver
  • Copy of Formal Decline from Asset Finance Provider

* If loan is approved, MFI loan funds can only be paid into a Business Bank Account in the Applicant’s Name 

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