Free resources for businesses for segregating waste

 Free Resources for businesses from My Waste

My Waste, Ireland’s official guide to waste, has produced a range of waste segregation materials to make it as easy as possible for Irish businesses to segregate their waste.


This free suite of resources is available to order or download providing all the information required to implement good waste management practices in the workplace, which is good for the planet and good for business. By implementing some simple practices and actions, businesses can achieve better waste management, more effective recycling and even prevent waste being created in the first instance.


Good waste management is a great way for businesses to move towards better sustainability. Minimising waste and the proper segregation of commercial waste are, in themselves, important climate actions for business. In addition, many businesses find that good waste management results in more efficient operations and cash savings. 


Not only is participating in this type of initiative a positive climate action on behalf on your sector, but tangible results can be achieved in every Irish business by engaging and empowering workforces to segregate waste and increase recycling rates.

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