Midlands Food and Drink Survey

Midlands Food & Drink Survey

Food and Drink producers across the Midlands region are invited to be listed in a new Midlands Food and Drink Directory which is being developed as part of the Midlands Food & Drink Strategy.

The new Directory will be a go-to guide for the regional food and drink producers, and will be hosted here on the Midlands Ireland website. The Directory will be used to promote the award-winning food and drink that is produced here in our region by award-winning producers, from artisans to globally-renowned brands.

We encourage all regional Food and Drink producers to join the Directory by clicking here and entering your details in the survey, which should take no more than 5 minutes.

About the Midlands Food & Drink

The Midlands Food & Drink Cluster has been established to bring together regional food and drink producers with supporting agencies to develop and support the industry in the region. The goal of the Midlands Food and Drink Strategy is to create a unique food and drink eco-system where local people are proud of their local produce, where companies have the capabilities and supports to create world-class hospitality and product experiences, and where scaling and exporting is enabled, whilst respecting nature and our environment.