Revitalising Business - Driving Growth in Ireland's Post-Brexit Economy

Revitalising Business: Driving Growth in Ireland's Post-Brexit Economy

Skillnet Ireland have secured European funding,  and they want to focus on upskilling midlands based businesses or they can facilitate research projects.

If your business has a need in either of these areas, please contact the co-ordinator Dermot O Neill, details below.



Revitalising Business: Driving Growth in Ireland's Post-Brexit Economy


Funding Opportunity for you - Revitalising Business: Driving Growth in Ireland's Post-Brexit Economy.


Cobotics Skillnet will be applying for this funding from Skillnet Ireland on SME’s behalf - they need your help in identifying your immediate business needs.


In order for Cobotics Skillnet to understand your immediate needs and apply for funding on your behalf, can you please answer the following two questions,

1. What areas of your business requires immediate upskilling?

2. Is there a particular problem/topic that you would like to research but don't have the time, resources or funding?


If so, please outline your training need or the problem to be researched or contact us at or


This funding will be directed toward the SME sector in one or more of the four funding priority areas:

* Digitalisation: Supporting the integration of digital technology within business and fundamentally changing the ways businesses operate and deliver value to customers.

* Innovation: Facilitating new business models, working models, delivery systems, customer engagement tools, learning technologies, R&D, the management of innovation and external collaboration.

* Sustainability and Decarbonisation: Developing the capacity of enterprises to create new, sustainable business models, job types and career pathways, and to integrate existing standards and frameworks that optimize effectiveness and efficiency.

*Leadership Development: Further strengthening the capacity of owners and managers in areas such as planning, finance, talent management, process management and supply chain management. The Call priorities are aligned with Skillnet Ireland's growth areas and overarching EU objectives as reflected within Horizon Europe, the European Green Deal and the Digital Agenda for Europe.


Please contact:

Dermot O’Neill

Cobotics Skillnet

Tel: 087 2363762