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Management Development



Engenuity Members Package

As a member of Engenuity for 2020/2021 we aim to deliver the following to members companies:

  1. Receive one to one mentoring to assist you in progressing your business in the following areas:

a)       Business development – particular focus on sales materials and sales presentations

b)      Researching international sales opportunities

c)       Opportunities for R&D within your company

d)      Research and development of standards and certification as required by International and Multinational firms

(Average estimated value €750 per company)

  1. Access to and engagement with an International Business Development Consultant who will identify prospects and generate leads on behalf of Engenuity and its members companies. One industry or sector will be the core focus as agreed with Engenuity members.
  1. Attendance at two International Shows as part of the Engenuity Cluster. A small contribution may be requested from member companies. Show will be identified based on Engenuity members’ core target markets. Approximate value €20,000 for the Engenuity Cluster.
  1. Access to participate on an Internationalisation and Export Programme to assist in developing your international export strategy. Value €3500 per member company.
  1. Support in identifying and applying for state funding to support the following activities:
  • Job creation
  • Research and Development
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Internationalisation
  • Digital marketing to support overseas sales campaigns
  1. Support for international show preparation. Pre-event preparation; during event meetings and post event follow-up.

(Average estimated value €900 per company)

  1. Travel cost to be supported for members companies.
  1. Access to ongoing industry-based training and development with Engenuity partner agencies.
  1. Access to ongoing supports to assist member companies to build and strengthen relationships.

10. Be part of a strong Engineering Cluster where peer learning, trust and support are core pillars to company relationships.

11. Access to business development opportunities nationally and internationally


To become a member of Engenuity please complete the application form.

Requirements of Engenuity member companies;

1)      Engage in Training Needs Analysis

2)      Complete Member company surveys

3)      Host one members meeting

4)      Act with integrity, respect and confidentially of members companies

5)      Engagement and attendance at member meetings and networking events


Total cost of membership is €250