Online Start Your Own Business 7th July 2022 LEO221005

7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th July 2022
10am -1pm.
Start Your Own Business

For individuals with a business idea in mind and who are thinking of starting their own business or who have a hobby which they would like to expand into a new business. Also suitable for an early stage start-up. Trainer - Ace Training Limited

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Online Start Your Own Business Course - 8 morning sessions


This programme aims to make participants aware of what is involved in starting their own business in Ireland. It is a practical course aiming to assist participants start their own business and/or to assist participants to decide whether to start their own business.

We aim to help people to start a business in and/or after the current crisis. Our course takes into account the challenges, obligations and opportunities which come with the covid 19 crisis.


This is a comprehensive, innovative, dynamic, practical course at the end of which the participant will be able to:

  • Produce a business plan – template (training workbook) is provided in soft and hard copy – sections provided during sessions and BTWEA business plan available in soft copy
  • Establish their vision - start with the end in mind
  • Self Employment versus Business Development
  • Decipher if their idea is feasible
  • Set realistic goals and targets
  • Plan and conduct basic market research
  • Have a list of useful telephone numbers and contacts
  • Register the business with the appropriate places, e.g. companies office
  • Understand difference between company and sole trader
  • Choose an appropriate business structure for their business idea ¨ Establish and maximize your presence in the virtual world Updated
  • Evaluate, cost and price a product/service – establish breakeven
  • Cash management and debt collection including cashflow forecasting
  • Funding your business - list sources of finance and assistance, particularly LEO supports available to start-up businesses – traditional and modern Updated regularly
  • List non financial supports available
  • Use simple, practical promotion and advertising techniques
  • SELL then spend !
  • Start to network
  • Understand tax obligations, deductible expenses, allowances and reliefs (includes update on recent tax changes, e.g. Covid 19 Pandemic Unemployment payment, Wage Subsidy Scheme)
  • Be aware of safety legislation and minimum requirements – especially obligations
  • Insurance • Be aware of employment legislation, especially those which may be required for business to operate post covid 19
  • Time management (linked to costing)
  • Intellectual property and introduction to legal protection of same
  • Managing stress and achieving work life balance
  • Use the toolkit provided to them on this course to develop a successful business
  • Using technology to develop your business and also to reduce costs
  • GDPR Update

Duration: 8 morning sessions from 10am-1pm over the course of 4 weeks

Dates:  7th, 8th,14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th July

Time:     10am-1pm each day.

Places Available: Up to 20 places per course.

Cost: Free

Please note that a 6-month telephone and email support will be provided as part of this programme.

All participants can avail of a one to one session with the Trainer to discuss their individual business needs and plans.