Remote Patent and Intellectual Property Clinic Nov LEO201843

A time will be arranged with you
1 & 3/4 hour

FREE Telephone/Online Mentoring with one of our COVID-19 Patent Mentors - We are offering complimentary mentoring to help you review your Intellectual Property – how to protect your idea

This event is no longer available

We are offering complimentary mentoring to help you review your Intellectual Property – how to protect your idea

Programme Aim

This workshop will aim to broadly inform the participant group of Intellectual property

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Design

Programme Content

  • How to protect your idea
  • IP Application
  • Format of a patent
  • Patent Fees
  • Protection aboard
  • What is patentable?
  • Is your Idea original? – Patent Search Database,
  • How to use the patent database and examine existing patents.
  • Idea Checklist – Research & Development Time will be given to participants to carry out a quick preliminary IP search.

On completion you will be required to fill out a one page evaluation form.

Before Applying 

  1. In order to ensure the mentoring session is as beneficial as possible, it is critical that applicants include a description of the business and details of areas to be addressed at the mentoring session
  2. This information must be included in the text box entitled 'Notes'  on the booking page
  3. Applicants are asked to include the following information in this text box:
    • Number of months trading
    • Description of the business and business activities
    • Summary of areas where support is required


This 1 Hour & 45 mins session will be delivery via Zoom, online or telephone.  The business mentor will contact business owners prior to the meeting to organise the exact time of meeting

Please Note

If businesses require mentoring in areas not covered in these clinics, please email requests to and we will organise a mentoring clinic to meet your business need.