Review Your Finances Mentoring Clinic 11th June LEO211819

11th June
1- 1.5 hour

Are your Finances on the Right Track - FREE Telephone/Online Mentoring with one of our Finance Mentors - this clinic is for clients who have queries or issues surrounding any Financial Issues or grants available from LEO. - Gordon Naughton Tactive Ltd

This event is no longer available

We are offering complimentary Finance mentoring to Westmeath businesses.

In these unprecedented times we have mentors working extensively with clients on a virtual and confidential basis to help them address the financial challenges of Covid19.  This pandemic has brought a whole new set of challenges to all businesses on a scale never experienced before, these advisory clinics are available to any local business, regardless of its scale or sector, which needs assistance in accessing support.

Many businesses have had a sudden loss of revenue and cash flow with little or no warning has put thousands of businesses under huge financial strain, many more have had to lay off staff, reduce working hours or top up salaries with reduced or no revenue has put them in a financial difficulty.

Most businesses will need to reach out to their suppliers, lending institutions and creditors to help they put a plan in place to secure that their business can survive the current situation we see ourselves in.

If you require support, or have any issues and concerns on how manage your financial needs, book your FREE 1Hour 15 mins confidential telephone consultation with one of our expert Mentors. 

You will be requested to fill out an application form which will give the consultant some background to your business.  On completion you will be required to fill out a one page evaluation form.

Please note: Strictly for businesses trading more than 6 months

Before Applying 

  1. In order to ensure the mentoring session is as beneficial as possible, it is critical that applicants include a description of the business and details of areas to be addressed at the mentoring session
  2. This information must be included in the text box entitled 'Notes'  on the booking page
  3. Applicants are asked to include the following information in this text box:
    • Number of months trading
    • Description of the business and business activities
    • Summary of areas where support is required


This 1 Hour & 15 mins session will be delivery via Zoom, online or telephone.  The business mentor will contact business owners prior to the meeting to organise the exact time of meeting.


Gordon Naughton -Tactive Commercial Advice.

Gordon will be hosting a financial advice clinic for local and regional businesses. 

Gordon is an experienced mentor, where he predominantly assists LEO clients in relation to Priming and Business Expansion Grants, MicroFinance Applications, and early-stage companies.  

 Leveraging his background in banking, corporate finance, and accountancy, in addition to his broad sectoral experience Gordon provides straightforward advice and can identify strategies and supports to help businesses on their journey.

 Sign up and see what you can achieve.

Please Note

If businesses require mentoring in areas not covered in these clinics, please email requests to and we will organise a mentoring clinic to meet your business need.