Feasibility Grants

Feasibility Grant Mayo LEO

Our Feasibility Grant is designed to financially assist small businesses that wish to conduct market research for a product or service to examine its sustainability. 

This grant includes assistance with innovation costs including specific consultancy requirements, hiring of expertise from third level colleges, private specialists, design, and prototype development.

The maximum Feasibility Grant payable is 60% of the investment or €15,000, whichever is lesser. 

What expenditure is eligible under the Feasibility Grant?

Innovation Costs

Costs under this category may include prototype development, innovative design, research costs, and third level college consultancy.

Miscellaneous Costs

This may include subsistence & overnight costs, air travel etc. The overall maximum drawdown in this category should not exceed 20% of the overall grant given.

Note: VAT is excluded, own labour research costs are excluded and payments to state bodies including local authorities are excluded.

How can I apply for the Feasibility Grant?

Arrange a 1:1 appointment to discuss your support needs. Call (091)509090 or Email: info@leo.galwaycoco.ie