Short Courses

To assist the small business community in meeting the challenges of the business world, LEO Galway provide a wide range of high-quality training supports which are tailored to meet specific business requirements. Whether it is starting a business or growing a business there is something suitable for everyone.

Please find below the workshops which are currently scheduled. 

As capacity is limited, you must book your course in advance. You can book onto courses from the links below:

Trading Online Voucher Mandatory Information Session (Online Webinar) - August 26th - 9:30am

If your looking to avail of the Trading Online Voucher, attendence at this event is mandatory. An invitation link will be sent to your email prior to the event. 

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COVID-19 Compliance Coordinator Training (Online Workshop)

The Covid-19 Compliance Coordinator (in conjunction with is the lead person from the employer side who is responsible for the planning and coordinating of Covid-19 activities. This training course has been developed to assist Covid-19 Compliance Coordinators in their role in order to ensure that all public health guidelines and requirements under the Return to Work Safely Protocol are in place. This is important to ensure the suppression of Covid-19 in the workplace. The Protocol emphasises the need for coordination, collaboration and communication between employers and workers. Each have a shared responsibility to ensure safety measures are implemented and adhered to in the workplace.

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Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative Training (Online Training)

This virtual training course (in conjunction with will inform the trainee how to carry out the role of the C-19 Lead Worker Representative in line with the Government, HSE and HSA recommendations on the management of COVID-19 including the Return to Work Safely Protocol. This is important to ensure the suppression of Covid-19 in the workplace. The Protocol emphasises the need for coordination, collaboration and communication between employers and workers. Each have a shared responsibility to ensure safety measures are implemented and adhered to in the workplace. Each workplace is to appoint at least one ‘lead worker representative who, together with the employer’s COVID-19 Response Management Team, will be responsible for ensuring safety measures are being followed.

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Content Creation - 3 half day Day Course - €25 - 9th/10th11th Sept (10am-12pm) 

Learn how to create and develop unique and relevant content and graphics (canva) for your website and social media channels. Find out how to keep your customers engaged and interested in your business. 

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Marketing for your Busines - 2 half Day Course- €25 - 15th16th Sept (10am-1pm) 

Includes Guerrilla Marketing 

Learn how to market your business in one day. Find out how to identify your market segment, analyze, decide and plan the most effective marketing strategy for your business. Learn various marketing and PR techniques. 

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Facebook for Business - includes ad campaigns - 3 half Day Course - €25 - 21st/22nd23rd Sept (10am-12pm) 


This workshop is for people already familiar with facebook and with an existing business facebook page in operation.  Facebook is constantly changing and has evolved into an advertising business platform. This will cover the latest facebook marketing techniques. 

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Financials for Small Business - 2 half Day Course - €25 - 24th25th Sept (10am-1pm) 

Examine costing, pricing and cash flow 

Introduces you to the basic principles of costing, pricing and managing your cash flow. Learn how to carry out a breakeven analysis and how to price products and services. Examine useful techniques to analyze and control costs. This workshop will enable participants to ‘strike the right balance’ by correctly costing and pricing to meet customer expectations and to the best advantage for your business.   

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How to Start A Podcast -  2 half Day Course - €25 – 01st Oct & 16th Oct (10am-1pm) 

Suitable for any business type. 

Learn how to start a podcast with this step-by-step podcasting workshop which will teach you how to record, edit and upload, along with all the tools you need to start.   Learn how to release and host your podcast.

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Achieving Success in Sales  - 2 half Day Course - €25 – 5th6th Oct (10am-1pm) 

Sales in the lifeblood of every business.  Lots of Start Ups and Small businesses can struggle with sales, learn how to help your customers to buy from you.  Learn about sales strategy, buyer behaviour and customer insight.    Find out how to increase your sales. 

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Tax and VAT for Beginners - 2 half Day Course - €25 – 7th& 8th Oct (10am-1pm) 

Learn how to address a range of taxation issues for startup businesses, the basic principles of taxation, starting a business, tax compliance, allowances, tax relief and legal structures. Learn which correct assessment forms are required by revenue and be guided through their completion 

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Simple Accounts with Excel - 4 half Day Course - €25 - 14th/15th/21st22nd Oct (10am-1pm)       

Learn basic accounting for small businesses– Templates provided 

To include the processing of purchase / sales invoices, credits, lodgments, cash payments, VAT returns, wages / salaries and bank reconciliations. Extracting info from purchases, sales books, cheque journals, cash books and posting to a nominal ledger. Posting of wages journal and opening and closing of stock journals to nominal ledger. Extracting of info from nominal ledger to trial balance, profit & loss account and balance sheet. Explanation of trial balance, profit & loss account and balance sheet. 

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Online Revenue Returns -  2 half Day Course - €25 -  19th20th Oct (10am-1pm)         

This workshop will demonstrate the 3 steps to becoming a ROS customer, use ROS to its full potential, learn how to file a return online, upload content, make payments and use the inbox facility. Workshop facility to complete revenue forms as required.

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Instagram and Twitter for Business  – 3 half  Day Course - €25 – 27th/28th29th Oct (10am-12pm) 

This full day workshop will show you how to use Instagram and Twitter for brand building and marketing your business including setting up accounts and how to focus on your customers. 

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PLEASE NOTE – All of the above workshops are done online via zoom  

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