Customs Compliance 2021 Workshop

Customs Compliance 2021 Workshop

Prepare your Business for Customs

Customs Compliance Workshop 2021

An Online Customs Training Workshop to help companies with importing and exporting when the UK leaves the European Union is being run by Local Enterprise Office Galway on the 15th of September.

This interactive workshop will provide you and your business with a better understanding of the potential impacts, formalities and procedures to be adopted when trading with the UK, outside the Single Market and Custom Unions ("Third Country").

This online workshop is open to all businesses and will cover topics such as new Customs regulations with UK, effective from 1st January 2021, how tariffs work and how to correctly classify goods. Early action must take place to get processes in place.  

Time: 9.15am – 1pm. Philip Kane, Customs Compliance Ireland who has already delivered consultancy to over 300 SME's since 2019 with various local Enterprise offices including 3 events in Galway, will host this workshop. 

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Workshop Contents

General Overview

-   Importing / Exporting and what to expect.  -   Brexit:  Customs Impact and additional Paperwork required. 

-   Customer contracts and INCO terms. 

 Tariff Classification

-   Classification Codes

-   How to classify your products. 

-   Using Taric and how-to valid HS codes.

-   Binding Tariffs and when to apply (BTI) 

Managing Carriers and Customs Documentation

-  Customs Broker Management

-  Broker Agreements and reports.

Brexit Planning

-  UK Clearance and the Northern Ireland Proposal.

-  Goods Transit to/From the UK and implications for SME's 

-  Best way to manage your carriers and manage your business. 

While COVID-19 prevention is now critical to everyone’s health, the need to overcome pending Brexit Customs issues is now becoming essential for most businesses. Irish Revenue have indicated that over 90,000 businesses will be affected and DBEI highlighted that 85% of SMEs are at risk following Brexit withdrawal period.