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Start Your Own Business Programme

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Testimonials from past participants:

The course was very insightful, especially for someone who is just learning the basics of how to start your
own business and what is necessary. It was a great place to learn and collect resources, as well as network
with people who gave interesting and helpful advice and ideas. I would recommend this to anyone who is
thinking of owning their own business.

I found this course invaluable in setting up my business plan to start out on my own. The trainer was very
patient and precise in explaining each step. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to become self

I would highly recommend this course to anyone at any stage of starting their own business. It has been
invaluable the information I got on this course, and the trainer’s knowledge and energy has made it very
enjoyable, even subjects that I thought I would have trouble grasping, were very easy to digest.
I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone considering starting a business. My only regret is
that I did not do it earlier. Had I done so, there is a lot of things I would have done / approached differently.
Smooth Transitions by name and actions, really helped getting started on the right road easier. I might have
been sitting on the other side of a screen, but I really felt like I was in the classroom, with my class mates.
Plenty of opportunities to start a mini network and to connect with other people starting their own


"The start-up business course is a brilliant foundation and has provided me with the tools, resources and next steps to move forward with my business more confidently".


"This course was the right balance of being educational and informative without being overwhelming, the course teacher explained tricky details in a clear manner which on the medium of zoom must have been hard for her to keep us engaged. I took a lot of great direction from this course but most importantly encouragement".


"The programme offered plenty of variety and covered all aspects of business start-up. The programme surpassed my expectations and I am still digesting and putting lessons learned into action. I have taken away many new skills from this programme and as a result, I now plan to work for myself going forward. My wish is that this programme will be available to others in the coming year/s ahead. It made a real difference. I would most definitely recommend and encourage anyone to part-take in this course".


"Smooth Transitions Start Your Own Business Course was a great starting place for me. It gave me all the practical information that I needed to get started in business. Ita made the classes encouraging and supportive and was always on hand with helpful advice and suggestions. I would highly recommend it".

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