Business advice and Mentoring

The Local Enterprise Office Galway is continually expanding it Mentor Programme with high calibre Mentors.  Our Mentors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our programme. Whether you need advice on management, finance, production, marketing, distribution or strategy we can put you in touch with someone who can give you a helping hand. Careful consideration is given to the matching of clients requirements and needs along with the mentors skills and expertise.

How it works

  • Each request for a Mentor is dealt with individually
  • Careful consideration is given to a "match" between the requirements of the individual / company and the specialised skill and experience of the prospective adviser
  • Several possible Mentors will be suggested and the final selection is made by the individual / company on the basis of information supplied by the individual / director
  • The Mentor signs a confidentiality agreement before taking on any assignment
  • The Mentor and the company may meet up to ten times per twelve month period
  • Either the individual / company or the Mentor may terminate the arrangement at any time.
  • If assistance is needed in more than one field of expertise, one or more additional Mentors may be assigned to the individual company

Any LEO Galway supported individual or company which feels itself in need of the temporary, totally confidential advice, may request the assignment of a Mentor by contacting Local Enterprise Office Galway.