Enter the National Digital Awards

Enter the National Digital Awards! 


Want to be recognised among your peers for being the best at what you do? 


Then now is the time to nominate your business, colleague or client for the Digital Business Ireland – permanent tsb National Digital Awards 2021. 


This year, there are 19 Awards up for grabs this year across Websites, Innovation, Campaigns and People and winning one of our Digital Business Awards will provide your company with the evidence that you are the best of the best in what you do which, in turn, can attract new employees and new customers. Receiving national third-party recognition helps to boost the reputation of your company’s brand and the trust in the products and services you are offering. 


So, if you would like to nominate your own business or maybe another business or a colleague who you believe is deserving of such a prestigious award then please click the following link and enter. it takes only minutes:  


The more categories that you enter, the greater your chance of multiple success. Decide which categories ‘have your name on them’ below, check out the entry criteria 

Entries close on Thursday November 11th.