Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, has announced the annual results of the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) for 2023 which showed that Local Enterprise Office Galway supported companies created 117 jobs in 2023.


The net jobs created by LEO Galway supported clients in 2023 was 52, which takes into account companies that amalgamated, ceased trading and those that transferred on to Enterprise Ireland.  


The new figures show that the LEO Galway financially supported 259 small businesses in their portfolio across the county.


The total national figures for the Local Enterprise Offices across the country were announced with the LEOs now financially supporting 38,726 jobs across 7,167 companies.  This is the most jobs the Local Enterprise Offices have supported nationally since their inception in 2014. 


In 2023 there were 6,640 new jobs created by LEO clients companies with a net jobs creation figure of 2,131.  This was up 6% nationally on 2022.  From the jobs created, 82% were outside of the Dublin region.   


The LEOs also provide substantial funded supports to thousands of other small businesses across the country with programmes such as the Trading Online Voucher, Lean for Business and Green for Business along with training and mentoring.      


Minister Neale Richmond, T.D., said; “I have been fortunate enough to visit many Local Enterprise Offices and I have seen first-hand the superb quality of their mentorship and supports, and the impact they have on the businesses and entrepreneurs they support. These results are a testament to our Local Enterprise Offices; ten consecutive years of job growth is a major accomplishment that reminds us how crucial their support is both for new businesses, but also in helping existing businesses to grow.


“With 82% of new jobs created outside of Dublin, it is clear that our Local Enterprise Offices are supporting businesses right across Ireland. What is also evident is the resilience of Ireland’s fantastic small businesses that have continued to adapt to an ever-changing business environment.


”This Government is committed to backing business and will continue to work closely with small businesses, support their growth, help them to find new markets and to stimulate job growth and the Local Enterprise Offices have a key role to play here.  Today’s results show that we are moving in the right direction, and I have no doubt that our Local Enterprise Offices will be there to support businesses at every turn.”


The Local Enterprise Offices were to the fore in supporting small businesses across the country in 2023, helping thousands to pivot online or adapt their products and services through a large suite of supports.  The Local Enterprise Offices offer training and mentoring in a range of areas from financial skills and product innovation, to starting your own business and maximising your presence online.    


Valerie Kelly - Head of Enterprise in LEO Galway - said “The results announced today are a testament to Ireland’s small business community.  When faced with adversity, they have adapted, pivoted, upskilled and did whatever it took to sustain themselves.  The figures show that companies have seen the opportunities in the challenging trading conditions they have faced.  The Local Enterprise Offices across the country have gone above and beyond in their support of small businesses but there is renewed optimism.  We are seeing new opportunities for Irish businesses here and as always with tough economic periods we see new ideas and companies emerge and flourish.  This year will be no different and as we continue to work closely with Enterprise Ireland and the local authorities to ensure our small businesses get the best possible supports


Carol Gibbons Head of Regions and Local Enterprise, at Enterprise Ireland said; “2023 was a challenging year for business and these very positive employment results are a testament to the dedication and commitment of the LEO network across the country and the ambitious businesses it supports. 


“Key to the success of the LEO network is the close relationship it fosters with both start-up and scaling businesses across communities.  Enterprise Ireland will continue to work closely with the LEO network in 2024 to ensure that all businesses can access the support and advice they need to start, grow and win in all markets.”


The Local Enterprise Offices located in the local authorities and funded through Enterprise Ireland support thousands of small Irish businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide.  Since their establishment in 2014 they have been for the first stop shop for entrepreneurs and small businesses and providing a range of supports including financial, mentoring, training and sector specific expertise to help guide businesses at any stage of their development. 


They also run key initiatives to foster entrepreneurship across the country including Local Enterprise Week, National Women’s Enterprise Day, the Student Enterprise Programme and the National Enterprise Awards.  The Local Enterprise Offices are also running a campaign encouraging small businesses to save time money and energy by availing of their competitiveness and productivity supports including Green, Lean and Digital for Business.  www.AllInADaysWork.ie  For more information on the Local Enterprise Offices go to www.LocalEnterprise.ie