Eligibility Criteria


Are you eligible?

Local Enterprise Office Galway can assist in the establishment, and/or development, of new and existing enterprises from individuals/sole traders and companies subject to the following eligibility criteria:

  • The enterprise must be in manufacturing or Internationally Traded Services Sectors;
  • The enterprise must be in the commercial sphere;
  • The enterprise must demonstrate a market for the product/service;
  • The enterprise must have a capacity for growth and new job creation;
  • The enterprise must not employ more than 10 people.

In general Local Enterprise Office Galway cannot offer grant aid to:

  • retail businesses;
  • personal & professional services businesses;
  • construction sector;
  • primary agriculture businesses;
  • other local services that duplicate existing local businesses.

It is important to note that although the LEO cannot offer grant aid to businesses in these sectors, we can, however, provide assistance with mentoring, training, website development.

Contact us at 091-509090 to arrange a 1:1 appointment to discuss your needs, and find out whether you are eligible for financial or other supports.