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If you’ve got an idea for a business, chances are you’ll have lots of questions too. Find answers to some of the most common queries, as well as tips and advice from experts – and people just like you who have already done it.

Find out how your idea doesn’t have to be world shattering or even new. Simply better can be good enough!

Discover how keeping an eye on what’s happening in other countries can spark an idea for a successful business here – and a way to learn from others’ mistakes!

Understand why friends and family may not be the best judge of your business idea, and why it’s important to talk to the people most likely to pay for it instead. Then find out how to find them!

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Concerned about jargon or lack of experience? Discover how a Local Enterprise Office Start Your Own Business course can get you on the road to success, and how a simple one page business plan can be the map to guide you!

From sole trader to limited company, costing to pricing, sales and marketing to sorting out a website, it covers all the questions you’ll be asking right now, and the supports just waiting to help. You’ll find everything you need to know about starting a business in Ireland, including tips from successful entrepreneurs and experts at Local Enterprise Offices and Enterprise Ireland.