Lean Launch

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Lean Launch is a ‘hands-on’ real world entrepreneurial start up situation where the individual has an idea and the purpose of this workshop is to immediately start testing the business model.


Research has shown that 49% of Irish people would like to start their own business; 50% fail in the first year and a staggering 80% fail within 3 years.

With the guidance of the mentor, the entrepreneurs are taken through actual steps and get out of the classroom / training situation and physically do the market research. Entrepreneurs analyse their business model and how to cost their business. Fundamental to the programme, entrepreneurs look at their potential customers and conduct a number of real world research interviews in the three month period.

Lean Launch will allow participants to establish whether there is a real businessin their idea. At the end of the programme participants should be in the strong position to start their own business.

Lean Launch will be facilitated by Declan Droney.  Declan is an experienced Entrepreneur, business consultant and business mentor. He is founder of one of Ireland’s most distinctive, artisan food companies, Kinvara Smoked Salmon.  He is a business Mentor with Galway LEO, Mayo Leo, SCCUL and Enterprise Ireland and lecturer with UCD Innovation Academy and with GMIT New Frontiers. He also delivers lean start up courses to start-up and early stage entrepreneurs.

Download the Lean Launch brochure here.


The workshops will be held online through ZOOM from 10.00am to1.00pm on the following dates for Autumn 2021

Module 1. (2 x half days)

  1. 07.10.2021 Thursday
  1. 08.10.2021 Friday

Module 2. (2 x half days)

  1. 26.10.2021 Tuesday
  1. 27.10.2021 Wednesday

Module 3. (2 x half days)

  1. 16.11.21 Tuesday
  1. 17.11.2021 Wednesday

Module 4. (2 x half days)

  1. 07.12.21 Tuesday
  1. 08.12.2021Wednesday

Module 5. (2 x half days)

  1. 04.01.22 Tuesday
  1. 05.01.22 Wednesday

Module 6. (2 x half days)

  1. 01.02.22 Thursday
  1. 02.02.22 Friday

Module 7. (2 x half days)

  1. 01.03.22 Tuesday
  1. 02.03.22 Wednesday

There will be scheduled mentoring sessions ongoing throughout the course. 

This pilot is heavily subsidised by the Local Enterprise Office Galway, and provided as an additional support during COVID, the programme will cost only €50 to entrepreneurs and is limited to 12 places only. Entrepreneurs must have a business idea or be in a start-up business. Applications will be assessed for suitability for the programme.


To apply for a place, please download and complete the application form below and return it to leotraining@leo.galwaycoco.ie



Feel free to give us a call and we can discuss the programme with you.