Look for Local – Shop natural, fresh bread at Novaks Bakery

By I Love Limerick correspondent Rachel Petticrew

Novaks Oven

Pictured is owner Michal Nowak at Novak’s Bakery. Picture: Krzysztof Luszczki/ilovelimerick.

A new campaign run by I Love Limerick in conjunction with LEO Limerick and Daniel Butler, Mayor of Limerick City and County, asks Limerick consumers to look for local when shopping for products, services and experiences across Limerick City and County.

Novaks Bakery in Kilmallock Enterprise Centre is a Polish wholesale bakery supplying shops, cafes and restaurants across Limerick with high quality, natural bread. Michal Nowak and Barbara Snela decided to open the large-scale bakehouse due to the popularity of Michal’s homemade Sourdough loaves.

“I worked as a chef for over twenty years. During that time, I started making sourdough bread at home for myself. I had some stomach problems, and my friend advised me to change my diet. After a couple of weeks, I started feeling a lot better,” Michal tells I Love Limerick. 

Eventually opening his own restaurant, Michal began to make sourdough there too. Demand for the baker’s loaves went through the roof, so opening an industrial bakery was the obvious next step. 

But what is it that makes Novak’s Bakery sourdough stand out from the rest? The answer is simplicity, a combination of just three ingredients; flour, water and sourdough starter. 

“Our natural production of bread is done using longer fermentation periods,” Michael explains. 

“Our sourdough has a 24 to 36-hour proving process, so that allows time for bacteria to grow and create special flavours. We don’t use any unnatural provers, we allow time to do the work.”

Novaks Bakery also produces rye flour and multiseed loaves, brioche bread, burger buns, doughnuts and more – all using natural recipes.

Novaks Team

Pictured are baker Mario Tryba, owner Michal Nowak and baker Przemek Dillr at Novak’s Bakery. Picture: Krzysztof Luszczki/ilovelimerick.

As well as supplying delicious bread to Limerick businesses, Michal and his team open the Kilmallock Road bakery doors almost every night at 7 pm, so loyal customers can purchase piping hot bread, fresh from the oven. Novak’s Bakery can also be found at the Limerick Milk Market every Saturday. 

“When you buy food from supermarkets or big shops, the money you spend is not staying in the county where you live. Supporting local can help family, friends and neighbours with their own businesses to keep going,” he explains. 

Speaking at the Kilmallock Road business, Mayor of Limerick City and County Daniel Butler says of the Polish bakery, “Novak’s is another amazing local story. Coming from such a simple idea of eating healthier bread, to then scaling up to this amazing facility.

“Get down to Novak’s Bakery and sample some bread in the evening, or pick it up in your local stores and cafes. By supporting local businesses, you are supporting people like Michal as well as suppliers and restaurants. Shop local and support your own local community.”

To buy natural, fresh bread from Novak’s Bakery, visit Unit 4, Kilmallock Road Enterprise Centre from 7pm to 8pm, Sunday to Friday, or pop into the Limerick Milk Market on Saturday mornings.

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