Network Ireland Limerick

Network Ireland Limerick

Limerick's business network for women, Network Ireland Limerick, and the Local Enterprise Office (LEO Limerick) has joined forces to promote the personal and professional development of women in the region.

Network Ireland Limerick provides a forum where women in business can exchange business ideas and increase their business contacts. It encourages women to achieve more satisfying careers and promotes women as worthy contributors to the Irish economy. Network Ireland Limerick is a branch of Network Ireland, a national organisation with over 1,200 members and 15 branches through the country.

Network Ireland Limerick holds monthly networking meetings where a guest speaker is invited to educate, inform and entertain on topics of interest to women. Members can develop and pool their individual skills through interaction with other women in a supportive environment which offers, training, mentoring and an opportunity for women who call on other members with specialist expertise for help. It also provides a forum for established women to develop professional and social contacts.

If you are a Woman in Business and would like to join the Network, contact Catriona O'Donoghue, President of Network Ireland Limerick.

Further details are available here on the benefits of joining Network Ireland Limerick.

Network Ireland Limerick

Catriona Ni Dhonnchu, Network Irealand Limerick, Eamon Ryan, Head of LEO Limerick, Valerie Murphy, President of Network Ireland Limerick and Mary Kileen-Fitzgerald, Senior Enterprise Development Officer. (Pic: Paul Mullins Photography)