Application Process

For Feasibility, Priming and Business Development Grants

1.Identify what eligible business expenses you are applying for and get 3 quotes for each item, identify possible candidates for job

2.You will need to have the finance to pay for the items above since the grant covers 50% excluding VAT based on the proof of the 100% payment.

3.Submit application form and all of the information on the Check List. 1 signed hard copy and supporting documents to the office and 1 soft copy and scanned copies of supporting documents emailed to business advisor you have been assigned to.

4.For Priming & Business Development Grant ;12 month projected cashflow, 3 year projected P&L, most recent Company Accounts

5.Meet a LEO Limerick Executive

6.Evaluation & Approvals Committee decision up to €50,000

7.Enterprise Ireland approval needed for funding €50,000 - €80,000

8.Letter of offer issued

9.Grant/ Loan accepted

10.Grant payment made when the necessary paperwork is submitted, must be within 4 months

11.Repayments begin 1 month after the final drawdown

12. Payments can not be paid retrospectively 

Please refer to Export Grant and Online Voucher webpages for more information on their Application processes