Could your product represent Limerick 🟢⚪? Request for Quotes

LEO Limerick is requesting quotes for presentation gifts that represent Limerick.  These may be used in conference packs* or for corporate gifting.
The goods must be produced in Limerick and LEO is interested in a range of products and prices that can fit different occasions/events and showcase #lookforlocal
Presentation gifts will be chosen based on the event, likely impact and budget as required.

Please submit a product description for 1 - 3 products to be considered in the format below. 

Item 1Item 2Item 3Any other details

Product photo


Multiples available e.g. packs of 20

Lead in time for order

Shelf- Life of Product

*Average budget up to €8 per item for conference packs
Deadline for quotes:
Please submit to by 12 noon Friday the 26th of August