Do you want to enjoy your business more and achieve greater results in 2022?

Management Development for Women in Business

Reignite your business through collaboration and creative thinking with a group of like minded business women each leading their own enterprises. It’s all about connecting to generate creativity, change, growth and learning how to lead through change – yourself and those around you!

We will commence with a live interactive day learning to lean into curiosity to allow for ambitious change – this live session will involve group-think, peer to peer learning, networking, experiential exercises and application to your business.

This session will cover:

  1. Creative review- identifying creativity in your business journey so far
  2. Identify current challenges where new innovation or collaboration could make you stronger
  3. Brainstorming for new ideas for products or services or changes to your business model
  4. Explore any additional value a potential partner might bring and what they could look like
  5. Identify some potential partners from your existing network
  6. Understand how to reach out and create and grow a trusted collaborative relationship that offers mutual benefits to all parties

Task briefing:

  1. Complete a  list of strengths you/ your business could bring to a potential new partnership or collaborative relationship
  2. Strategically research and identify potential new collaborative partners that meet the profile


Next – we have 3 virtual events which aim to help you up-level your creativity and explore opportunities to diversify while we ensure continued networking, sharing of learnings and more through the following themes:

-        Theme: Creating Change

-        Theme: Leading Change

-        Theme: Communicating for Change

Each event will have 2 segments:

-        Segment 1: Themed trainer Power Hour Workshop(Themes: Creating Change/ Leading Change/ Communicating for Change)

-        Segment 2: Facilitated and structured peer to peer support and collaborative networking huddles

Though this will be the last session, it’s been our experience that the learning and the connections last much longer. At this final session, we will gather together again in a live setting to celebrate innovation and collaboration with success stories, action planning, support and guidance to ensure that any viable new ideas can become a reality for your business!

 In addition to all of the above, each participant will receive a DISC Personality Assessment and virtual one to one debrief as well as a virtual mentoring session to tease out the real opportunities for your business and create an action plan for implementation.

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