Business Continuity During & Post COVID19

Online Virtual Classroom
Wednesday 10th June
9.30am - 1pm
Business Training

In this three hour online business continuity programme you will be facilitated to draw from your strengths and think outside the box and see your business from angles that you may not have considered before. This Webinar is for Limerick businesses only!

This event is no longer available

Course content:

  • What does my business do?
  • What else could my business do?
  • What have I not considered doing with my business?
  • What does the current market want?
  • Could my business fulfill current and new demands?
  • Preparing my business for change
  • Creating a business continuity plan
  • Accessing financial supports where possible
  • Practical considerations for making business changes
  • From armchair to actions – creating a practical plan for my business to continue
  • Communicating with employees, customers and others with a vested interest
  • Piloting the business continuity plan
  • Adapting and Improving my business to suit the existing markets

This Webinar is facilitated by Talentpool - you will receive a video access - link prior to this course.