Digital Tools for Small Businesses Operations: Enhancing Efficiency and Growth

Tuesday 5th March
Enterprise Week

Join us for an informative webinar featuring John O’Shanahan from LeanBPI, an SME digital consultant with over three decades of business experience, including five years dedicated to digitalising small businesses. John will share his extensive knowledge on how digital technologies can significantly enhance the operations of small businesses.

This event is no longer available

This event will provide small businesses, irrespective of their current digital adoption stage, with clarity and a roadmap for leveraging digital tools. Through real-world case studies, you'll gain insights into how various enterprises have successfully integrated digital systems, automation, and customised software solutions to streamline operations, reduce errors, and drive overall business growth.

Listen to firsthand accounts from small business owners who have witnessed the transformative power of digitalisation in their daily operations. Whether you are just beginning your digital journey or seeking ways to refine your digital operations, this webinar offers valuable insights suitable for all stages of digital adoption.

Featured Business Leaders:

John Harrison – JFH Jewels


Karol O'Connor – MD  - MHS


Key Takeaways:

• Gain practical and actionable insights from real-world examples to kickstart or advance your digital transformation journey.

• Explore strategies for maximising the benefits of digital tools while discovering cost-effective approaches that are tailored to small businesses.

• Understand the competitive advantage that digital adoption can provide for your small business.