Funding for Small Business Workshop

Absolute Hotel
9.30am - 1.00pm

An overview of the funding options for your business, overview of credit and credit assessment – what the finance company reviews and why?

This event is no longer available

Overview of programme content & methodology:

-          ‘CAMPARI’ acronym

-          Business current account profile, monthly turnover, peak and troughs match to management accounts?

-          Business credit history (ICB and central credit register) as past performance can indicate future risk

-          Competition and peer analysis (compare gross and net margins, wages as a % of sales, price and USP)

-          Relevant management experience in the sector

-          Product or service offered and market for same


  • Outline of the credit market in Ireland including the range and type of finance providers (including alternate finance providers) and outlining their credit appetite and cost:

-          Banks products and services

-          Overview and application of the Governments Credit Guarantee Scheme

-          Use of Microfinance Ireland

-          Alternate finance providers


  • Tips and strategies for getting you or your business ‘finance ready’


  • Strategies for dealing with and addressing either poor credit history or personal credit legacy issues


  • Business plan for business vs. business plan for finance – key differences


  • Key financial indicators required for projections and cashflows


  • Working capital & cashflow workshop – linking cashflow to credible assumptions


  • Case studies & examples

  • Templates for participants for finance applications

*This workshop is facilitated by First Choice Financial Services DAC