Marketing Workshop

Wednesday 22nd May

This practical workshop will give a whistle-stop overview of promotional techniques for small business. It will cover traditional techniques and digital marketing looking at how they support each other. We will develop business promotion strategy focused on reaching your target market and generating sales. If you are one of the many business owners feeling overwhelmed by the many options for promotion this programme is for you.

This event is no longer available

Key topics

Setting marketing goals

Online promotional techniques overview

Traditional promotional techniques overview

Merging the two to give you a focused and targeted promotional strategy

Measuring and evaluating your promotional activity

The importance of value proposition and customer segmentation in creating your promotional plan

Converting your leads to sale – managing the sales process


Promotional plan for your business


Theresa Mulvihill has been a business consultant for 20 years. She originally set up her business in 2002, working with businesses on marketing strategies, since the she has developed her client portfolio and works with clients across marketing strategies, business strategies and export marketing across all business sectors. Theresa is a firm believer in making promotion work for your business, with goal focus plan with key milestones and measurement techniques to guide you in making the best decision for your business.