Trading Online Voucher Grant Webinar

Wednesday 29th May
9.30am to 10.30am
Business Training

This webinar will outline how you can apply for a Trading Online Voucher of up to €2,500 and how you can use increase online sales in your business.

This event is no longer available

This session will examine how you can develop a new website or increase your revenue through ecommerce.  Topics covered include

  • deciding on an online marketing and sales strategy
  • best practice
  • how to source a website provider or consultant
  • choosing the best solution for your business.

You can find out more about the grant here:

Please note:

  • This webinar will help you decide what will work for your business; you can get further assistance through one-to-one LEO mentoring.
  • Applicants must attend a TOV webinar to be eligible for the scheme i.e. you must attend a webinar before making an application
  • Bookings are for Limerick based businesses only - please contact the Local Enterprise Office for your area as they will be dealing with your application
  • National terms and conditions apply