In Hand Guides Ltd

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Company Name

In Hand Guides Ltd



What do you provide/offer?

In Hand Guides Ltd. provides a comprehensive audio services package to the global market. Our product is an affordable souvenir audio player which offers stylish “bespoke” branded design, using semi-conductor technology. Our audio players combine security of audio content with high quality sound playback.

Why do you provide/offer this?

We provide our product as a souvenir alternative to the traditional rental audio market. We cater to a worldwide market with a number of international clients including Boston Freedom Trail, Niagara Falls and locally Spike Island.

In Hand Guide clients - Spike Island

When was the business established?

The business was first set up in 2005 and we were selling our audio player from 2008.

Where are you located?

The business is located in Rubicon +, Bishopstown, Cork

What resources were made available to you by the Local Enterprise Office South Cork that helped your business?

Feasibility Grant & Business Expansion Grant

How has the company progress as a result?

As of 2014 sales had grown to €714,000. In Hand Guide has also recently passes the 500,000 unit manufacturing mark. We are currently expanding and are hiring more staff during 2015.

Business for 2015 looks good and we continue to develop and research with the Cork Institute of Technology (Nimbus).

- Trevor Winckworth, Founder & Managing Director of In Hand Guides Ltd