LEAN For Business

The LEAN for Business Programme

The elimination of waste is a key underlying principle of Lean. It requires moving away from the traditional approaches to process improvement and instead focusing on the product or service provided to the end customer. A culture of continuous improvement is key to any organisations sustained success in the elimination of waste, and this is acheived by instilling a culture of LEAN Principles in the business

Who is the programme suitable for?

  • Microenterprises – those employing 1-10 employees
  • Those trading with 1-18 months+.
  • Established manufacturing or service businesses
  • Suitable for all sectors
  • Clients who are open to change
  • Clients who have growth potential
  • Clients with a steady and growing customer base
  • Clients who have potential to export or who are already exporting their product or service


The fee for the 2024 Programme is €150 (this fee is subject to change).

The fee is payable once you have been offered and accept a place on the programme

Testimonials and Experience of LEO Clients

LEAN Implementation Book of Case Studies

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